When an event is hosted, different appliances are used, both indoor and outdoor. It will require a lot of cables and wires to ensure qualities like sound quality are perfect. It is important to ensure that cables and wires are safeguarded at all times of the event. It can be done by using a cable cover and https://www.sinoconcept.co.uk/event-management/cable-covers-and-cable-protectors/. The cable protectors are made of rubber and have an upfront price. The cable protector should be resistant so that it won’t be easily compromised at any given moment. In recent years, a lot of studies have been done when studying rubber used when making the protectors, cable covers and wire guards. It led to a lot of quality control and selection of the raw materials used to manufacture the rubber used. The equipment can not only be used in events but also in big companies, construction activities and managing traffic. There are two types of this equipment one is manufactured to cater for temporary use like when it comes to events and the other for indoor purposes like for use in industries.


Why use cable covers and cable protectors for cable management

It is easily assumable that the protectors are only for outdoor activities. In the real sense, they are also used for indoor activities like in sports arenas, when listening to music, in warehouses and factories. The protector has a two-way use as it can shell many cables and wires to different channels, and it can also be used to minimize speeding vehicles and therefore shielding the cables that are underneath the plastic cover, to achieve these the protector should be manufactured using pure rubber. Cable ramps are expected to play a role in cable management since they should be able to tolerate heavy vehicles that weigh more than 5,000 kg. The rubber used to manufacture the cable protector should withstand adverse weather conditions, which may damage the wires and cables shielded in it. The surface of the protector is made to withstand both vehicular and pedestrian passage even in a busy place like parking lots of events. The surface of the protector is made up of a friendly texture that will ensure both pedestrians and other users like cyclists do not slip thereby preventing accidents. The cable protector should have a superior rubber quality to ensure it protects the cables and the users of the environment around. As stated earlier, the cable covers can be used to control both speeds of pedestrians and vehicles, since the tops of the covers are slightly raised. The cover acts as a temporary speed bump. The safety of the people should be taken with much consideration. That is why measures like speed control are taken. The surface of the protector, is painted black and yellow color to ensure the equipment is visible for vehicles and other motorists. In warehouses and construction sites, the black and yellow colors are visible to ensure the safety of the users of those spaces. You can specify whichever color you want when purchasing the cable protector. Apart from the quality of the rubber, it is advisable to ensure that the rubber does not have an odor to enhance comfortability when using the equipment. The protector is also installed with a handle to ensure that handling and installation are done. You can even handle two protectors at the same time thanks to the handle. The cable ramps, on the other hand, have some sort of a connection system that will allow the arrangement of the cable guards to any length. You can also play around with the shape of the cable ramp since it is made of vulcanized rubber.


Cable management and cable protection systems

There is a wide range of protectors, and you can purchase your desired size. You can seek advice from previous event organizers for the best size to purchase. There is also an option of getting customized cable ramps and other cable management systems. The protectors are considered as the best option when it comes to the protection of cables and wires in events. The protectors come in different models 2, 3 and 5 channels, and you can choose whichever depending on the quantity of the cables to ensure there is complete cable management. For indoor purposes, it has a light-duty surface that is made of Polyurethane that can only tolerate lightweight vehicles. Polyurethane makes the protector have ideal resistance, and it also becomes flexible. Most protectors have two drops, with one having a yellow cable of PU that covers one channel while the other is large and covers two channels. Safety is still a priority, so the protector safeguards people from falling when they attempt to cross the cables and wires. The use of cable protectors significantly improves indoor safety. Cable ramps cannot only protect cables and wires but also hoses and pipes which may be at the place where the event is. Cable ramps are used in the construction industry. Heavy-duty cable ramps are used for outdoor activities. The channels in the cable ramps are of a large diameter to allow things like water pipes to pass through. The heavy-duty cable ramps can withstand a weight of 40,000 kg. Heavy-duty cable ramps are used as speed bumps.
Whichever the event is, the main goal is to make a profit, which will mean to get good numbers of people attending the event. This can be achieved, by offering good services and one way of doing so ensuring that sound and other systems are of the best quality. The safety of the people at the event should always be guaranteed. Cable management will directly affect the success of the event and should therefore be taken with much consideration.



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