Movies are fun. There are lots of benefits of watching movies. Such as:

  • They act as great ice breakers on your first date.
  • They make a great fun-filled evening after a hard day of work.
  • They help you enjoy the great visuals. 

It is a great bonding experience for families and friends. 

That being said, who doesn’t want to see Brad Pitt in an action thriller? In this article, we have listed down all the movies that are hot this season and you shouldn’t miss them. 



Our best picks of the top movies.


Black box.

If you enjoy a psychological thriller. This movie is for you. Packed full of suspense, adventure, and nonstop intrigue, this movie will keep you on your feet. The black box is trending for the suspense it has nonstop fun.



For all those people who enjoy the remakes of Disney films, Mulan tops everything. The film features a young woman who is on the journey to help her father out in the army. Packed full of adventure, sacrifice, emotions, and love for her father as seen through the eyes of a young woman, this movie is our favorite pick. 


Family romance.

In this suspense movie, everyone is up for hire. We see how relations develop and are destroyed. Even people hire men to play daddies for them. This movie makes everyone wonder how truly relations are valued and how you need to value them.


The lodge. 

This movie will chill your bone to the core because of the plot it has. In this movie, we see a family who retreats to their lodge for the winter in a deserted area. Based on a true story, the family is subjected to brutality and murder at the hands of some people around. 


The other lamb.

In this movie, we get to see the brutality, mystery, and sheer violence that cults practice through the eyes of a young woman who is all set to leave the system. It is full of suspense and thrill. 



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