Movies are fun, entertaining and keep us on the edge of our seats every time. This is especially true with thrillers and suspense types. But romances keep our emotions hyped all the time. I especially enjoy watching movies with my buddies over the weekend.


It helps me de-stress through the week and enjoy my day with a good beer and some snacks to munch on with a cheesy meal of pizza later in the night. 

Movies nights are a great way to have fun and bond with the people around. 

Therefore we have got some great movie picks for you to see. We will cover all genres from:

  • Horror
  • Romance 
  • Humor
  • Action 
  • Adventure 



Our pick of the top movies you must not miss. 

Here’s a list of all the movies that you must watch with your family and friends this season. 


Citizen Kane.

In this movie, we marvel through the tragic events of a tycoon who lives an enviable lavish lifestyle but ends up in a problem. This problem leads him to his death. By since he is a high-class VIP, his death is quickly grabbing the attention of some news reporters who are trying their best to find the cause and the probable reason for his death. And the treasure he has left behind.


The godfather.

Who has not heard of this masterpiece! In this epic blockbuster, we witness the chilling, lavish, and extravagant lives of a mobster and his family. One cannot help but wonder how this masterpiece was acted so brilliantly.


Rear window.

In this classic, we witness the life of a disabled person who not only uncovers a greater truth but also helps bring criminals to justice. This is a must-see for all you movie fanatics.


The exorcist. 

A horror film classic. Perhaps the best there is. It’s the exorcist. Made around the mid-nineties, it still never fails to chill our bones!



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